My Resume

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My Experience

Employers, internships and voluntary work


Oktober 2014 - Present

I ended up here for day spending due to issues on school, but the CEO quickly recognized me as a valuable asset to their staff.
Working on a variety of different projects (one of which is powering this site!), teaching new people how to start programming and helping them to get a grip on life, as well as bringing new and exciting ideas to the table.


Februari 2016 - Present

A company from a good friend of mine, who rocked the same boat as I did, I decided to lend him my aid to make his dream come true.
I keep the servers up and running while also advising the CEO (my friend) on how to continue growing, while bringing awesome content to the world!

LLS De Schildpad

November 2017 - Present

Cargoship a friend of mine owns where I help out in my spare time.
Most often found sailing between Nijmegen, Rotterdam and London.

Stichting Leergeld Arnhem

June 2010 - August 2010

Charity that help out parents which are on a tight budget by allowing their children to go to school and practice sports like other children do.
Here, I helped out refurbishing computers which where then lend to those children to do their homework on.

Paradigit Arnhem

March 2012

A (now gone) computer store in Arnhem, where I had a small internship.
Not a great place with little to no knowledge on computers (just sales-men).

My Education

Degrees, Diplomas, certifications and Licenses

Degrees and Diplomas

Absolutely none.

Certifications and Licenses

Level Trade Educator Time Status
VMBO-T Dutch language S.G.M. De Brouwerij September 2012 - Juli 2013 Completed
VMBO-T English language S.G.M. De Brouwerij September 2012 - Juli 2013 Completed
VMBO-T Basics of Biology S.G.M. De Brouwerij September 2012 - Juli 2013 Completed
N/A Driving License B Dick Joosten, De Linge + CBR September 2018 - October 08, 2019 Completed
MBO-2 IT servicedesk S.G.M. De Brouwerij September 2013 - June 2014 Dropped
N/A Linux professional LOI March 2018 - March 2019 Dropped
N/A CompTIA A+ Werkwent Nijmegen September 2014 - Oktober 2014 Dropped

My Skills

The skills I possess and how much I personally think I have mastered them

Programming Languages

Skill Rating
PHP Advanced
HTML Advanced
JavaScript Advanced
Python Intermediate
CSS Intermediate
Java Novice
R Novice
C/C++ Fundamental Awareness - Novice

Operating Systems

Skill Rating
Ubuntu Linux Advanced
Windows Intermediate
Proxmox VE Intermediate


Skill Rating
Physical Security Advanced
CakePHP Intermediate
Docker Intermediate
Naval Intermediate
Git Novice - Intermediate
First-Aid Novice